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OfficeSuite Documents gives you all the features to edit, create, read, review, print or convert your Word docs to PDF. Download the best free office app today.

Writing is easy and collaborative. Let your creativity flow.

Get data insights with OfficeSuite Sheets. Enjoy 30+ chart designs, 250+ formulas & functions, supports Microsoft Excel formats & CSV. Download free office now.

Powerful spreadsheets for your professional needs.

Present ideas with OfficeSuite Slides. Advanced Presenter mode, in-depth customization, supports Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Download your free office!

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OfficeSuite allows you to annotate, review, secure, fill & sign any PDF. Download your office suite for free and start converting PDFs to Word & Excel files.

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Microsoft Office Compatible

Complete your task regardless of file format. From PDF, to CSV, it’s as easy as ABC.

OfficeSuite supports:

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    OpenDocument (ODT, ODS, ODP)

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    Other often used formats like RTF, CSV, ZIP.

OfficeSuite ensures formats don't hinder you. Work with Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe PDF, Apple iWork, CSV. Download free office software for Windows.

OfficeSuite has the familiar desktop interface you know and love. Don’t waste time getting used to a new layout, start working right away.

The PDF Reader offers full annotate, protect, fill and sign capabilities as good as anything Adobe Acrobat Reader can offer.

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Store and access your files

Connect your Dropbox, Box & OneDrive cloud storage accounts with OfficeSuite. Sync & secure Word docs, Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides. Download free office app

Work seamlessly with your cloud service of choice. Link your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive cloud storages and access them in OfficeSuite.

    OfficeSuite comes with an integrated MobiDrive cloud storage to sync & store your files. Free Download best office software & claim your free cloud storage.

    Get 50 GB of storage on MobiDrive. Save, manage and sync documents so you can always pick up where you left off.

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      On the move?

      Switch seamlessly between devices. Use OfficeSuite for iOS or Android to work on-the-go. Download OfficeSuite for free:


      What our users say

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      Best office apps suite functional on all platforms. Most advanced office apps suite, with easy, visually appealing and functional user interface. Does things that many other apps can't


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      I got this to transfer from my pc to tablet and tablet to pc. also from external hard drive to app. This was a no brainer, fast efficient and productive!

      Pastor Billie

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      It works very well for me and it's free. I definitely recommend!

      Gregory Jordan

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      Best alternative to Microsoft Office - It's the best alternative to Microsoft Office with a few drawbacks.

      Megan Waldorf

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      I have to say that I am pleasantly surprise at how well OfficeSuite works.

      Anna Henderson

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      Overall its fantastic being able to create decent word, excel and PowerPoint files with some decent options without having to reach deeper into your pocket for the extras...


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      The office works great for me. It has all functions I use!

      Hitori Tagakashi