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Join MyCommerce by Digital River by completing a short application form. We use MyCommerce to generate affiliate links for you and track the traffic and sales you generate.

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When a customer clicks on one of your links and purchases within a 60-day period, you will receive a monthly commission payment through your publisher account.

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We use MyCommerce to handle tracking and payments. Once your publisher account has been created, you can always log in to check your statistics, payments or get the latest creatives.

OfficeSuite has a global reach

OfficeSuite is the right office app if you're looking for a Microsoft Office alternative.
It's feature-rich, dependable and easier on the budget.

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Frequently Asked

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Affiliate marketing is a process in which affiliates place marketing banners and links on their websites leading to OfficeSuite’s website and a number of online marketplaces on which the app is available. In return, the affiliates receive a performance-based reward for each resulting purchase they’ve contributed in.

Anyone meeting the requirements can become an affiliate and market OfficeSuite on their website, blog, app, social media or similar channels. A bank account must be presented in order for the affiliate to receive payment.

Simply click on the ‘Sign up’ button and fill in the form. Existing Impact accounts can quickly sign up to the OfficeSuite Affiliate Program from here .

Not necessarily, but it’s much easier to make money through a website or blog. If there’s a sufficient stream of visits a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube account are also viable options. Referrals to friends and family are also accepted.

None. It’s free for everyone.

All 195 of them.

You start off with 25% of each sale, but the number can grow depending on the number of sales. The more sales you generate, the bigger the reward.

When a potential customer clicks the OfficeSuite banner or link placed on your website, a cookie is dropped. This allows us to track whether a purchase has been achieved via the affiliate’s URL.

A dropped cookie is active for 60 days. As long as a sale is achieved in that period the affiliate will receive their commission. However, this only applies to the most recently dropped cookie. If a customer clicks on another affiliate’s ad after yours and then makes a purchase, the commission will go to them, and not you.

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